"We teach best what we most need to learn"

Richard Bach

Welcome to PetriTech!

Providing personalised technology support and consultancy to small businesses.

Our Purpose...

... is to positively enable teams to develop a collaborative culture of high performance through inclusivity, respect and the right technology tools and systems.

... is to empower your business by applying design thinking and Agile principles to draw on your expertise and our technical experience to collaboratively define a technical approach to solve your business challenges with technology.


Collaboration Tools

There are a plethora of collaboration tools available. We can help identify and implement the right one to support your teams.

Agile Methodologies

It is no longer just a buzz word, it is a way of working that delivers quickly and on point. We can help to implement Agile practices in your technical teams but also apply it in other business context.


Getting from an idea to a product can be daunting. Applying design thinking principles to your ideation will ensure your whole team is involved in the delivery of your products.

Support & Solutions

Taking the time to learn your business, allows us to provide targeted technical support and solutions to your everyday challenges whilst planning ahead for your future needs.

We would love to hear from you so we can organise a catchup, either over a cup of coffee or virtually on the web.