PetriTech was founded in 2010 due to support gaps in the technology consultancy services to individuals and small business owners and organisations. There have always been plenty of highly technical people that can fix any hardware or software issues, and of course big consultancy companies to service medium and large businesses and organisations, but few that provide specialised and individualised technology services to small businesses. This led to PetriTech start operations with the aim of utilising user-centric and collaborative approaches to clearly understand small business challenges and identify process improvements through the use of technology. We empower you by applying design thinking principles to draw on your expertise and add our technical experience to collaboratively define a technical approach to solve your business process challenges. The aim is to define a technology strategy roadmap to attain a continuous improvement cycle that is right for the needs of business you to be highly competitive and high performing.

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About Me

Years ago, what I most wanted, and needed, to learn was computers and technology. So, through my 15+ years technology career, I learned not just technology, but other invaluable skills. I am a resourceful collaborator with a proven track record leading high-performance Agile teams to deliver complex web application systems. I am persistent at finding resolution to business challenges and problems. I am adept at fostering and building relationships to facilitate cross business collaboration to realise strategic and also immediate goals and priorities. I am a strong advocate of utilising design thinking and user-centric design approaches. I have a thirst to learn so I practice continuous improvement through life-long learning which then helps me to assist others in their pursuit to improve how technology is used in their core business.

Other interests of mine are motorcycles, coffee (of course), DIY and upcycling. So, if you are also a keen motorcyclist, coffee obsessed, fix anything and create new from old type of person, I would love to hear what you are currently riding, drinking, doing.

Petri Calderon Larjanko